About me

I am a Software Engineer in Bolivia. I have high skills in web technologies and infrastructures topics. Team Work and continuous learning are important for me. Developing the Next Big Thing is something that I want to be involving in order to create a better place for everyone.


Software Consultant

March 2020 - Present
Agetic Bolivia, La Paz

Developer in Web Apps and Systems using tools for deploy big system and Libraries to improve our apps performance. I used open-source technologies (Frameworks and libraries) and GNU/Linux systems.

Chief Technology Officer

July 2017 - March 2020
QubyteSoft, San Francisco

Developer in Web and Mobile apps using modern technologies with agile methodologies. I used trend technologies that agile the developing process and have a large community with good documentation and support.

Skills & Proficiency

Django & Flask

Ruby on Rails

Node.js & React


React Native & Android

Docker & Kubernetes

Personal Projects

You can check all my public projects in my github profile.

Django Up - Automation tools for deploy django apps similar to Capistrano.
Bayesianas Expertos - A representation of bayesian networks using Angular.js and MaterializeCSS.
Compiladores C3 - A C3 code interpreter written on python.
Binary Tree - A website to use basic functionalities of binary trees. It was written using Typescript and Webpack.